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24th July 2015

News for 2015/16 Season coming soon!!!

All up and coming news will be sent by email to all our members. Those who are wishing to join please see our contacts page.

The issues with this website has now been resolved and will start having regular up dates.

6th September 2014

Birmingham Away

Transport for this fixture will be be by coach that includes on-board toilet and DVD. There are around 10 seats left on the coach.

This will also double up as Maccas stag night, most members and guests will be heading into Oxford after we get back from the game to celebrate Macca’s last few wekks of freedom at a ripe old age of 52, all are welcome to share a few drinks with the oldest fanatic in Thames Valley.

27th August 2014

Bolton Home

Transport to the home fixture against Bolton Wanderers will be by coach that includes on-board toilet and DVD.

There are still seats available, please remember if you are purchasing tickets for matches at Elland Road there is a £5 discount if bought 24hrs before kick off

21st July 2014

New Season 2014/15 Begins

The new season kicks of in approx 3 weeks time and Thames Valley will as usual be organising travel to all games home and away. Here is the latest for pre-season and Millwall away as the first game of the season.

Mansfield – Away – Tuesday 22nd July 2014 – 7.45pm KO

There is no organised TVW transport for this fixture due to lack of interest!!.

Corby Town – Away – Wednesday 23rd July 2014 – 7.45pm KO

This I believe is a Leeds Xl where some of our up and coming Academy players will be on show. I rather fancy this game and it’s a short trip down the road, anyone else fancy this then give me a shout.

Chesterfield – Away – Saturday 26th July 2014 – 3pm KO

At present we are running a 17-seater Minibus for this fixture with a 9am first pick up at Didcot station. This is filling up at the moment so please if you are wanting to travel please book ASAP. The coach list is currently be published on the web site.

Swindon – Away – Tuesday 29th July 2014 – 7.45pm KO

This will by train to this game, I will not be attending due to work. A suggestion will be to meet in the Prince of Wales pub at Didcot station for pre-match drinks.

Glenavon(Belfast) –Away – Wednesday 30th July 2014 – 7.45pm KO

By plane for this game, a few have already made their arrangemants for this game but if anyone is thinking of attending then let me know and I will share their plans with you.

Dundee – Home – Saturday 2nd August 2014 – 3pm KO

There will be no organised travel for this fixture.

Millwall – Away – Saturday 9th August 2014 – 3pm KO

Ok everyone, here we go for the first game of the season, tickets on sale for Season Ticket holders today Monday at 10.30am, next up for the rest of us (Gold Members) will be this Friday. I suggest those that want to go will need to be logged on and ready to buy for a 10.30am sale. Expect a crash on Friday for Gold Members as I suspect every man and his dog will be on at this time trying to secure that ticket.

For this game we will be travelling early by train to London. The meet up will be at the Lord Moon on the Mall, trafalger square. Most will arrive about 10.30am, as this is a wetherspoons pub you can enjoy a decent priced breakfast before hitting the BEER.

Those that are up for it, we will probably stay on after the game for moor beer and likely to find somewhere for a meal. Normally returning back on the trains about 10pm ish.


As always, we will be having a pre-season get together in Reading on Sunday 3rd August 2014. The venue will be the Three Guenias pub adjacent to Reading train station. Colours are encouraged to be worn this day and the start time will be 2pm until late. This is a drop in day as there will be at least Adey Curd as ever welcoming all the members of Thames Valley Whites. Those who are new to the branch this season are encourtaged to come and meet us. Those members who have never attended before, well get down and have a good day out before the season starts. Those who are likely to end up worse for wear, Adey will provide train timtables for your homeward bound journeys including from destinations that you may end up at once departing Reading.

6th April 2014

All the games remaining for this season are now available for members to book. Please see latest booking on Latest coach lists.

8th December 2013

Barnsley Coach Fare Special





Barnsley Home:- This is a members special and we will be running a coach for this fixture, Fares for this game are as follows:

Adult – £15

U21  – £10

U16 – £5

15th November 2013

Blackburn Rovers Away Day Coach

The trip to Blackburn is now sold out with 54 members making the journey to Ewood Park. A planned pub and lunch stop is planned just outside Blackburn. There will be almost 7000 Leeds fans roaring on the mighty whites!!


15th November 2013

Latest travel News

Middlesbrough coach is almost full and Elland Road is heading for a 30k attendance. If we do exceed numbers then we can upgrade to the larger 51 seater.

Blackburn tickets initially sold out this morning but almost 2k extras were immediately put on sale, if you are wanting to attend this match then I suggest you get online and get your tickets pronto. We currently have an allocation of 6800 with a further option of 1200 so we could see an away following of 8k. It is highly likely we will be running the coach to this fixture with a pub stop on route. Banbury will also be a pick up point as we head up the M40 and M6.

All the current coach bookings have now been updated on the TVW website so please check that I have booked you a seat and at the correct pick up point if indeed you are traveling, if not, why not??

See coach link below and then click on the icons on the page.

Sometime this evening I will be publishing on the website all the coach bookings up to the New year so people can now book their games in advance. Season ticket holders who travel regularly will be added as default so please let me know if there will be any games you may be missing.

Blackpool away on Boxing day will be by the 17-seater mini-bus so please book early if you intend to go, provisional bookings will be accepted for this match so long as you inform once the tickets come on sale.

10th November 2013

Thames Valley Go to……………Charlton

With the mighty Griffin securing a further 8 tickets for members of the TVWs in the week leading up to the game we knew it was going to be a good turn-out by our members.

The usual Didcot suspects were already on the train when Glynn and myself boarded at Reading; good to see Donna and Sally on the tinnies at 10.00!!

And so to the Wellington at Waterloo for the pre-match ambience and the chance to meet a few old friends (Pompey Gary and Andy from Guildford) and a few new recruits – Paul and the Canadian lad who believes that Leeds fans eat live babies!! Welcome lads hope you’ll be travelling with us going forward.

Gary the Gill was still in meltdown drinking water but fortunately the “Thames Valley twig from ‘arrogate” was persuaded by “H” to return to his sinful ways partaking of the devil’s sperm. Welcome back slim boy!!

Nice to see the love couple, Macca & Kirstie, fresh from a visit to The Imperial War Museum. Apparently, Macca had taken her up the Shard the day before (glad it wasn’t The Oxo Tower) followed by a meal at a local Wetherspoons. You really are a smooth bastard and I can’t understand why you were single for so long – she really is a lucky girl!!

Pre-match talk was about a 12.15 pitch inspection and a trip to Brentford if our game was called-off – Gay Ray Lock missed our match there in League One so needed to go ground hunting to get his count back up to 84.

As the 2.00pm departure time approached, Bryn Stokes the Leeds spotter let Griff know that KO had been put back to 3.30 which left time for two more large brandies before the ascent up the stairs to Waterloo East station which seemed to show the fitness levels of our members leaves a lot to be desired. Naturally, I jogged up them and my recovery rate was up there with any quality athelete!

The train journey was eerily quite with few Leeds fans on the train and posed the question, “has the game been called off and we’ve been wound up?” Arrival at Charlton confirmed that the main bulk of Leeds travelling contingent were already there..

Once inside the ground it was obvious why the game was in jeopardy (rather than South London) and with the rain falling constantly there was still the possibility of abandonment. Thankfully, this didn’t happen and to the full credit of both teams, we were served-up an exciting game with all the thrills and spills that seem to accompany Leeds United currently. 5 of the 6 goals were quality – I missed the penalty incident and the penalty – and the signing of Dexter Blackstock seems to have brought out the best in Ross McCormack. Congratulations to him on getting his first hat trick in league football.

In most Leeds’ fans mind it was a case of “here we go again” when Charlton pulled back to 2-2 but fair play to the team for showing the resilience to deservedly win. Danny Pugh seemed to take a rare opportunity to shine and our new Lithuanian centre back (can’t remember or spell his name) looks class.

McCormack’s four goals were the first for Leeds since Brian Deane against QPR – impressed by Sally who corrected me as I thought it was Mark Vidulka V the car thieves!

The atmosphere in the Leeds end was excellent and everybody returned to The Wellington for further merriment. Well not quite everyone! Not one to cast doubt on people but …………Squirrel and Simon Hyam failed to return to the pub which suggests they may have sneaked-off to a bar in Soho! Griff took an unusual root to Waterloo via Cannon Street – “Ring Ring. “Hello Griff” “Ey Up Ade. Why have you off the train at London Bridge?” “Because it doesn’t go to Waterloo East” “Fuck. See you later”.

The drink flowed and various members made theiir weary way home. But not the hard core! A short tube journey to Marylebone was highlighted by Griff’s game of charades acting a film involving him dropping to his knees, opening up Sally’s legs and simulating a sexual act with his tongue. “When Steve meets Sally” – no! “Steve does Sally” – nearly! – ah ha, “Debbie does Dallas” – spot on. Then it was into the Sports Bar for the final drink before the Bicester boys caught the train home.

The remaining five returned to Paddington and boarded the train for Reading and Didcot. A final “moon” to Griff as I left the train at Reading and a “perfect” day was ended. A Leeds away game where the football enhanced the day rather than ruining it – luxury!!

Thanks to all of you who made it on Saturday proving once again what top supporters you all are and how much fun it is to be in your company.

Adey, Chairman.

20th October 2013

Latest News

Latest travel and coach bookings now updated on the site for Huddersfield away.

29th September 2013

Latest News

Latest travel and coach bookings now updated on the site for Bournemouth and Derby County.

15th September 2013

Three Guineas Pub meet(Reading)

reading meet


Thames Valley Whites will be meeting at the Three Guineas pub adjacent to the station before and after the match against Reading. A fair few of us will be arriving between 3 and 4pm.

15th September 2013

Thames Valley Goes ………… Bolton

2013-09-14 11.56.53-1Saturday saw  a full coach of members travel to Bolton. They day began well  with the new coach providers turning up on time at Wantage to pick up Nigel Bint. Onward they traveled to Didcot to pick up another 18 members that included those that had traveled the short distance by train from Reading. The coach had been parked up at Didcot with 10 mins to spare and for once it looked like we would actually be setting off on time. Then catastrophe struck!!! The coach developed a fault and refused to budge off the station forecourt. It appeared that Nigel Bint and Paul our driver had not touched wood when discussing how they had never broken down.

A quick call back to the coach depot saw a replacement bus arrive 40mins later to take us on our way. Obviously this was going to impede on our Pub stop. Unfortunately the replacement coach didn’t offer the same amenities as the previous vehicle and we had no on-board toilet or a DVD player to watch the ”Office”.

We quickly picked everyone up without any other hitches and started to make our way up the M6 until we hit our next catastrophe. There was a shunt on the southbound of the M6 which had now caused a 40 minute delay Northbound. Now we was seriously going to miss our pub stop. Bigger problems then began to arise when some of our more elderly members bladders started to leak so we again had to pull into the services where our junior members took advantage and went shopping for toys to amuse themselves.

After some discussion it was thought best we head straight to the ground as we still had copious amounts of refreshments on board. It wasn’t until someone mentioned that never in the history of an away day with the Thames Valley had we not stopped off at a pub. With this in mind, Fruitbat quickly found a pub just off the Manchester ship canal and we quickly swerved off the motorway and into a the pub. The adults were happy to have two swift pints and the Boys Pen were delighted in getting some play time in the Wacky Warehouse annex of the pub.

Everybody by now was all stretched and refueled as we all climbed back onto the coach for the last leg of the journey when it was noticed as we were about to pull away we were missing some of our members. A quick look inside the pub failed to locate them until they were found in another extension of the pub. Now we were seriously indanger of missing the kick off. Once everyone was back on board and some banter towards those who had delayed us we made the dash to Reebok Stadium.

TVWAmazingly we arrived at the ground at 2.58pm with the driver dropping us off directly opposite the turnstile. A dash up the 10 flights of stairs saw most of us get to our seats just in time to see the corner being taken that then led to our goal!!. Those that did miss the goal, which wasn’t many, well blame Tuz for delaying the coach at the pub, personally he bought me a beer so I have forgiven him already.

The game saw Leeds run out as winners with just the one goal from Varney. This was a big three points away from Home and against a team you would expect to be in the mix at the end of the season. Leeds looked quite solid defensively throughout the game restricting Bolton to one shot on goal in added time. Austin played in front of the back four and kept out the attacking midfielders from Bolton. His performance earned him my Man Of The Match.

Jermaine Beckford started on the bench for Bolton and couldn’t help waving to the 4800 Leeds fans amassed behind one goal when they sang the ‘January 3rd’ song. On his introduction to play in the second half he was greeted with a massive applause from the Leeds fans. One things for certain, you suspect Jermaine will never want to score against Leeds.

Full time whistle came and Jermaine made his was slowly to the Leeds masses, you knew looking at his body language that he would still love to pull on that white shirt again and come up with some magical winning goals.

2013-09-14 17.53.42Journey home was uneventful with everyone on a high after another good win away from home.Those that couldn’t take the pace chose to sleep their way home while others tucked into Mrs Frank’s homemade Quiche that was washed down with Champagne uncorked after dropping off those at Banbury. More beers were had by those alighting at Didcot in the Prince of Wales pub.

Those of you that traveled for their first time with the branch I do hope you had a good day and now planning to take many more trips with like minded Leeds fans.

See you all at Reading and 3 more points please Brian.


13th September 2013

Saturdays away game to Bolton is now sold out on the coach for Thames Valley members. Leeds United will be taking 4800 supporters who will be housed in both tiers of the South Stand at the Reebok Stadium.

7th September 2013

Newcastle logo



Thames Valley will now be running a bus to Newcastle away in the Capital Cup

Those that wish to travel with the branch are now advised to book your seats early to avoid disappointment.

6th September 2013

Bolton Tickets

bolton logo




There are only around a dozen tickets left available for the trip to Bolton. This will give Leeds around 4200 for the trip to the Reebok Stadium.

2nd September 2013

Leeds United on the Road Cancelled

Today I have received an email today from the club. The email in short have cancelled our Leeds United on the Road citing that they are currently reviewing these events. I am sure there are many of us who will be very disappointed that yet again we have been let down in holding this event.

We may now just hold our own event with past players once I have met with the TVW committee.

2nd September 2013

Half Season Tickets

Leeds United have announced today that they will be offering Half Season Tickets. These will make a great Christmas present and will sell well if Leeds are looking like they are seriously in the mix for promotion come December.

The club have also announced that they will be doing ticket packages that are likely to save fans money if they are bought in packages of two or three.

GFH again making positive steps….

2nd September 2013

Reading Tickets Now On Sale

Reading logo

Tickets for the Reading game are now on sale to Season ticket holders and Gold card members.

28th August 2013

Capital Cup Third Round News…







Leeds United have drawn the Cartoon Army away at St James Park or whatever they call their ground nowadays. The round will be played w/c Monday 23rd September, likely to be the Tuesday night. With a ticket allocation of 15% we can expect around 7000 tickets. I will consult with the membership whether we run a bus to this game?

Last time Leeds United Played Newcastle was in the premiership during the 2003/04 season where Leeds lost 1-0.


28th August 2013

Up and coming travel and ticket news

Leeds United now go into this Saturdays match against QPR undefeated in the last 6 games. Currently we have one space left on the bus which will be leaving Didcot at 7am sharp.

The third round draw will take place tonight straight after the Newcastle v Morecambe match. I have had inside information that suggests that we will be drawn against Fulham away.

The following week we go into the international break. Later we then travel to Bolton Wanderers where we have an option of over 4000 tickets. Transport for this match will be by coach.

Tickets for the Bolton away game are currently on sale for Season ticket members.

Gold Members: from 10.30am Friday August 30
Silver Members: from 10.30am Tuesday September 3  (subject to availability)
Bronze Members: from 10.30am Thursday September 5 (subject to availability)

Tickets for the trip to Reading on Wednesday September 18 (8pm) will go on sale online exclusively to Season Ticket Holders on a first come first served basis from 10.30am on Wednesday August 28.

This will be followed by a Members period on a first come first served basis in the order of priority detailed below:

 Gold Members: from 10.30am, Monday September 2                                                                                                    Silver Members: from 10.30am, Friday September 6 (subject to availability)                                                                  Bronze Members: from 10.30am, Monday September 9 (subject to availability)

Ticket allocation: approximately 2100

We will all be meeting at the THREE GUEINAS pub at Reading station from around 4pm

22nd August 2013

Membership subscriptions now due

Adult Paid Up Membership (£5) Aged over21

**Standard £25 Fare

Discounted fares when appropriate

 Young Adult Paid Up Membership(£5) Aged 16 – 21

**Standard £20 Fare

Discounted fares when appropriate

 Junior Membership (free) Aged 16 and under

**Standard £15 Fare

Discounted fares when appropriate

 Adult Associated Membership(free)

**Standard £27.50 Fare

No discounts offered

 Young Adult Associated Membership(free)

**Standard £22.50 Fare

No discounts offered


13th August 2013


Don’t think this has been picked up yet but this weekend Sky will be showing our game against Sheff wed  free to view on Pick tv as part of there battle with BT Sport

Taken from pick tv
On Saturday Aug 17, programmes from Sky Sports 1 will replace the regular programming on Sky 2 and Pick TV. This will include a free-to-air Premier League match at 5.30pm as well as a Football League match live at lunchtime as part of a new show called FL72.
If any members are not able to get to the game or have Sky Sports then this will enable them to watch the game.

Leeds advert

26th July 2013


Leeds United today confirmed that Ken Bates has ceased to be club President.


Ken Bates, former Chairman and owner of Leeds United

Ken Bates, former Chairman and owner of Leeds United

Ken Bates who famously claimed he saved Leeds United twice has broken all links with Leeds United

Leeds United MD David Haigh said: “Ken Bates has ceased to be President of Leeds United Football Club. Mr Bates will now no longer have any role within the football club.”
In January 2005, Bates bought a 50% stake in Leeds United, struggling under a heavy debt burden. In May 2007, Bates’ tenure saw Leeds go into administration (with unpaid debts of some £35 million, having been reduced from £100m four season before) and suffer relegation to the third tier of English football. The following month, a consortium led by him bought the Club back from the Administrators, via offshore companies, for £1.5 million. After the Administration, the Club was considered to be “debt free”.The Club regained Championship status in 2010 and, on 3 May 2011, in anticipation of promotion to the English Premier League (not subsequently realised) Bates confirmed, according to the BBC, that he had become the sole owner of Leeds United. On 21 November 2012, a deal was finalised confirming Bates’ sale of Leeds United to GFH Capital in a cash deal worth £52 million
Speculation will now fall that he will he take over another football club such as Coventry City who recently had to leave their home city and the Riocho Stadium and ground share with Northampton Town at the Sixfields.

24th July 2013

New Feature

The Thames Valley Whites will now have latest travel list bookings displayed on the website. This will also be date and time stamped for members convenience. Members will be able to check at a glance whether they have been booked onto the Coach/minibus correctly and at the correct pick up point.


Pre-Season Social Meet up

Sunday, 28th July 2013, from around 2pm until late, we are holding our annual pre-season get together in Reading. Unfortunately, The Three Guineas is being refurbished (Graeme the guvnor did contemplate postponing it for us but he felt it was too close to the start of the season) so the gathering will be in The Oakwood Social Club in Blagrave St. directly opposite the Heathrow Rail air Link bus stop next to Reading train station.

Members are encouraged to wear their colours for the event and the Branh Flag will also be out and displayed. This is an all day event so feel free to drop in at anytime and have a drink with fellow Leeds Fans.

20th July 2013

Brighton Tickets

Tickets for the first game of the seaon are selling well with the Kop and South stand nearly sold out. If you are planning to attend this game then ordering tickets early would be strongly advised.

20th July 2013

Stevenage Away

Only 3 seats left on the minibus for this trip. Estimated to leave around 3pm with pub stop en-route.

19th July 2013

Brighton travel request

For those who are planning to travel to the first game of the season please start booking your seats in advance so we have an idea on what size coach to organise….MOT

18th July 2013

Walsall travel News

There is now a coach running to Walsall for this Saturdays pre-season friendly. We will be having  the usual pub stop and light refreshments on route. Anyone would still like to book seats please email asap. It is likely to be pay on the gate if anyone has not ordered tickets.