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  1. Barney…sorry again. I was in ‘nuisance phone call mode’ cos my missus kept ringing me.Need some JD to calm me down so will be having a few on Wolves and Cardiff coaches.


  3. We will be driving to Norwich from Swindon.

    Planning to go via M4 past Reading, but could go via Oxford if needed. Will have room for 2 large or 3 small in the back of the car.


    • Merv…I’m going with Perry but if you don’t get any takers and there are only 2 of us in Perrys car then it would make sense to get together. I’ll catch up nearer the time.

  4. Well, the most antIcipated away game of the season at Brentford has come and gone and with it our new manager’s chance to build on Neil Redfearn’s excellent record. On the pitch we returned to the Darko days (groan) but off it the TVWs were their usual outstanding selves. Griff less we were Earley and Staines less with Squirrel left at Virginia Water. Thankfully, it was a pigeon splattered on the front of the train and we joined the skinny boy on the train soon after. Sally was suffering from morning sickness which she assured me was due to a cold and I promised not to start any rumours.

    We arrived at Brentford with some choosing the Kings Arms near the station whilst others set off to the do the Brentford four. With people and tickets arriving from all directions we eventually converged on the very apt pub outside the away end called The Griffin – mythical creature half man half Yorkshire without testicles!!! At least one member of the family made it.

    Very noticeable was the happy atmosphere of two sets of fans drinking together – thank you Brentford and well done Leeds, long may it continue. The TVWs departed for all four corners of the ground, early but generally pissed (Hussar!!) and all made kick off (poor performance really).

    The football was shit and my old man twice nearly got us in a scrap with the only twat of a Brentford fan we met all day. Strange as Dad has been following Brentford for over 60 years as he kept twat head!!

    A post match rendezvous at The Absent Secretary to celebrate Macca’s last away match as a single man resulted in the eagerly awaited trip to the remaining pubs to ensure the TVWs had done all four stopping off en route to tell Jonny Douglas that he’s Leeds and he knows he is despite a man of the match performance!!

    More friends were made with Bees fans and the Old Man carried on drinking ( it was like one of their films all day). The majority of th boys wandered off home as Fruitybutt was clearly on a. curfew to get the groom home.

    Skid, Stuey ( our token Northern Monkey), Dad (the Brentford Bees Boot Boy at 74) had a couple and then put the Old Man on a train towards London and home in the Midlands before he chinned anymore locals who were rude to me – top man Dad, thanks for a great day.

    Obviously still sober Skid, Northern and your Chairman stopped off in Richmond until the Essex Boy got really really drunk and staggered off home to the Badlands of Grays. Norvern and Sarfan had one more cos they could and set off to Reading 1st class and naturally got caught!!

    A brilliant day was rounded off crashed out on the sofa.

    I fucking love Leeds United and TVW away days. Thanks again to Dad and all of you who made it another marvellous trip!!!

    Good luck Macca.


    • Pub crawl around the Brentford ground before hand….and then had a good chat with the hone fans afterwards but failed to bore the knickers off the fit blond Brentford bird…there’s a surprise


    • must agree adey,great fun wandering from pub to pub all which had tvw members drinking in. congratulations to sally,thats why she was drinking Ribena on the train. pigeon pie I made with trainkill was excellent. good luck macca and kirsty.

  5. Brentford 3pm KO and I don’t have my little coming with me. I’ll give you all my two finger salute from the home end boys.

  6. For those of you with Brentford tickets we are travelling via Virginia Water on the 10.12am train. This avoids going into London and arrives at Brentford at 11.23. It is our intention to visit each of the 4 pubs on the corners of the ground.

    For those of you who are unsure the train from Reading is the Waterloo service which leaves from the London end of the station near the main/old ticket barriers on Platforms 4, 5 or 6.

    See you Saturday.



  8. Bookings for Middlesbrough home game now been taken, initially this will be a 17 seater mini-bus due to the early KO and the unlikely-hood there will be demand.

  9. Well things can only get better on the pitch or else we are going to have a long season with very few goals at the right end of the pitch. Mansfield & Chesterfield are not teams we should struggle against even if it is only pre-season. Fortunately, the youth team are everything the seniors are not, skilful, quick, energetic and a “team” so I was glad I went to Corby Town to watch them on Wednesday night with Griff, Donna, Joel and Magoo. Despite his Jonah reputation we managed not to have the car stolen!

    However, the trip to Chesterfield was a great success socially with much hilarity and drinking with the added attraction of it being “H’s” birthday and Griff’s today. A big thank you to Daz King for driving.

    So it’s Swindon Tuesday and Glenavon Wednesday. We have not arranged a specific meet for Swindon as everybody is making different arrangements to get there but I am sure we will all bump into each other.

    I understand that quite a few people were unable to get Millwall tickets for the first game but we are working on our contacts to obtain some extras but please be patient particularly as Griff is on nights this week.

    Finally, don’t forget that next Sunday is our pre-season drink at The Three Guineas pub at Reading station from 2.00pm. I look forward to seeing you there.


  10. The curse of the travelling TVWs!! Got off the train to stretch my legs, turned round and some fucker had stolen it. West Midlands Police said. “a Virgin Pendaliino or an HST, yes, but a shitty 5 coach Cross Country we struggle to understand”. Still at least I’ll still make it to Mansfield.


  11. Looking forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks as pre-season starts. I am not at Guiseley tomorrow but will certainly be at Mansfield, Chesterfield, Swindon & Glenavon.

    Those going to Mansfield and Chesterfield need to let Griff know if you are travelling with the TVWs so that suitable transport can be arranged.

    I am giving the home friendly against Dundee a swerve so that I am full of beans for our pre-season get together at The Three Guimeas at Reading station from 2pm on Sunday 03rd August. Hope many of you can make it – at least Carlos Chance won’t need to drive!!

    See you all soon.

    Adey, Still Chairman.

  12. at least when we get a tonking this season we can say we play like brazil,i think their might be a few.

  13. Good luck Simon and Perry on your drive down to Italy. Hope you’ve got loads of Euros with you? The German police LOVE pulling over the English for any old reason. The Autobahn Polizei need to top up their wages with on the spot fines every now and then.

  14. Good job we’re not selling McCormack as he may have gone to Fulham and not bothered going on tour to Italy with the squad.

    Looking forward to a long relegation battle starting with our annual surrender at Millwall. I do not think that I have ever been so disillusioned with the club this early. I am sure we will squander the money on no hopers, journeymen and a host of loanees from shit outfits around the world. There must be a handful of Forest Green rejects who are looking for a lucrative 3 year deal from their mate Hockaday.

    So the new owner has been here 5 seconds and we are already In terminal decline on and off the pitch.

    Enjoy the rest of the World Cup – I’ve got Brazil in the office sweepstake so that’s them fucked tonight!!!

    We’re going down, we’re going down. We’re going down again.

    The Realist.

  15. Harrogate v Leeds nxt Saturday ??
    Just like to thank Simon for donating a bike for me to use for the Tour de France , shame the chain broke and I had to push it home in front of millions of viewers . Should have used the one Glyn gave me the year before even tho it was a bit small for me .. Size doesn’t matter they say . should have believed them . cheers Glyn

    • Probably just as well.You never would have got up all those hills they did today !! Anyway there must be plenty of bikes around for you to nick a replacement chain off.

      • Cheers Simon . I made it back to the pub and got a few pints if real ale . so it was a great weekend .
        Did you watch it all ? Bloody great weekend and a great add for Yorkshire .
        Harrogate v Leeds ?

        • Yes watched it. Crowds were absolutely incredible. Did Yorkshire proud.
          If it’s next Saturday i’ll be in Italy. My next game after that will be Chesterfield.
          I’m not going to Ireland.

          • Harrogate v Leeds is an under 21 game but they are still expecting a big crowd
            Lets just hope its not as embarrassing as last years mid week friendly that leeds lost .
            Enjoy Italy Simon . I wish I had the money to go but season ticket payment may have bounced today as no money in the pot again .

  16. Just for a different experience Perry and myself are planning to drive to Italy for the Leeds games. (Perry will be driving).We will leave sometime AM Wednesday 9th and get back PM Monday 14th. We reckon ferry and petrol will be about £400. Journey time 14-18 hours. We have not booked anywhere to stay yet but I can get by in Italian so we’re hoping to find somewhere reasonable in or not far from Val Gardena. 4 is the maximum so if anyone is interested in a ‘rough it and have a laugh’ trip please reply

  17. Well the club has finally confirmed the date of the game in Nothern Ireland against Glenavon as Wednesday 30th July.

    So far Dave Smith, Psycho Tone, Thames Valley Frank, Brian Stanley (fresh from Brazil) and myself have booked various flights – personally I am flying out of Birmingham at noon on 30th July and flying back on 31st at 17.00hrs. We will be staying in the centre of Belfast. All are welcome to join us, for however long you wish; a few of the boys are doing Tuesday to Thursday,


  18. Hi all,

    Myself & Barnsley Tony have booked into the Bournemouth Seafront Travelodge 15-17 September. So if your down there we will see you for a few cheeky ones.

  19. Hi everyone, Chairman here.

    Just to let you know that there has been nothing announced and there are no rumours regarding games in Italy connected to the training camp. As soon as Griff or me know anything at all we will publish it immediately and will let you know if we are organising a trip. Organising a trip for the TVWs is becoming increasingly unlikely as time goes by but we will try to do something if something occurs.

    The club have also denied that we are playing Glenavon on 29th July, as has been suggested across the Irish Sea, and we do not suggest booking anything until it is confirmed!!

    We do have the pleasure of announcements for away games at Guiseley (abount Wackaday’s level) and Chesterfield (new ground for me) to whet your appetite of the levels Leeds United seem to aspire to. Griff will advise travel arrangements, almost certainly for Chesterfield on 26th July.


    Perry and Jack, hopefully, will be bringing their new boyfriend from Italy who apparrently resembles Cellinio’s son who they met last game of the season in a “club” in Leeds just before the News of The World’s “exclusive”!!!!!

    Finally, if, as is likely, there is no overseas trip we will endeavour to spend a couple of nights in Poole for the Bournemouth away game in September.

    MOTG, Adey.

  20. Well I think the new chairman has shown great football intelligence by placing a coach with massive experience in the football leagues that Leeds want to be playing in for the next few years .
    “Pure fucking Genius ” me thinks .! Will he bring over a strong squad of players from Forrest Green ? could we afford the wage demands of such a team ?
    I’m so glad I scrapped every last penny together on the last day of renewals and like a stupid **** signed up for another year . I had looked at other ways of inflicting great pain and sorrow on myself but with exception of divorce I found watching Leeds the only real way to do it .
    Le Grand Depart starts in Harrogate nxt month Tour de France will bring huge festivities to our great town , So all invited to stop over , rooms are already booked but tents on the river bank are available and camper on the drive is still an option . Will be the biggest piss up Yorkshire has seen for a while . Don’t say I didn’t invite you all .
    See you all at Milwall if not sooner at a pre season . Did they do a deal with Forrest green that we had to have a friendly ??

    • PS . A warning to anyone traveling North who thinks that they can take an alternative route when the M1 is closed ,. I came South this week to punish my liver with that “Flat as a Nuns Tit” liquid you southeners call Beer , to return on Thursday in good time for the England game .. M1 closed J22 to J23 reported on the radio . Should I stay and drink more shit beer ? No . the need for Real Ale was to much , and thought another rout would be ok . 3.30 pm with loads of time to get back for kick off in the Welly .
      Every F****** road A43 , M69, A46 M40 M5 M6 M42 ground to a standstill while millions tried to get back to watch England . Missed the game and had to watch a recording of it late in the evening .
      So be warned ” M1 CLOSED ” Stay at home unless you like pissing on the hard shoulder and counting wheel nuts on wagons . .

  21. Capital Cup draw tomorrow and new fixture list on Wednesday. Something to talk about.

    Why still no new manager and why are we waiting for bids on McCormack from Norwich & Derby?

    New owner, same shit it would seem.

    And what about pre-season? Fuck the fans we’ll tell them last minute, if we bother to go. They’ll turn up anyway and it’s not our problem if the cheap deals have already gone!!

    Happy the Chairman.

    Enjoy the sun or cloud or something.

    • Both Norwich games midweek, boo, weekend in Blackpool in March? Milwall on Valentines day, someone has got a sense of humour.

      I got Argentina in the works draw, that I organised (Alex Sabella).

      When’s the summer piss up in the Guineas

      • Glyn

        Working like a trojan to gain my points for the season but now fixture list is out I will send out an email soon about up and coming events


  22. Hello folks . its been a bit quiet for a while . Just sitting in sunny Harrogate havin a beer and wine with mr and mrs H .
    Just saying about my open house invitation . Barney where the fuck are you , H has just said .

    • hi gary,their all watching that boring good me coming up ,not only no pillow you sold my sofa! whats this about you driving to Italy.

      • I’m up for a drive to Italy , 880 mls just like going to leeds twice in one day for you guys .
        Depends on dates etc . Belfast on ferry is about £400 with 4 adults in my camper from Liverpool .
        £69 fly Yeadon to Belfast but tickets selling out fast .
        Cant afford season ticket this year so may just go to Belfast as a last hurraaa.

  23. Do not respond to the social spastic who sent the previous post as could be a hacker.

    Thanks, Adey.

  24. Hi Folks,

    I’m about to move to Oxford from Kent, and think its about time I actually came to see my beloved Leeds at ER more than once a season,
    Have browsed the site but cant seem to see a price for coach travel if I were to become a member.

    Sorry to be a bit thick Im just hovering more and more over the “Purchase Season Ticket” button and want to check all the sums etc before commiting!



    • Hi Aaron

      The fare to Leeds is a reasonable £25………..not bad on the pocket and a lot cheaper than a tank of petrol. We run transport to all games including mid-week fixtures.

      • Hi Steve thanks for the quick response

        Yeah it sounds cracking and as I don’t drive seems the simplest way too. Will bare it in mind when I’ve got myself sorted


  25. Dear All,
    This is a first time post having just retired. I am looking to buy a season ticket. I know this may be a silly question but has anyone got any suggestions where the best place in the ground is and where I might still get a seat as I expect huge demand this year! Anyone know if the seat next to MC is free?

      • Steve K – Griff keeps getting the name wrong, it’s the Gelderd, but it is the best end to be in if you are happy to stand.


  26. if it had not been for mcormack player of the season would have been a rollover.
    thanks steve and backroom staff for all your organising resulting in some great days out.lets hope the footballs a bit more entertaining next season.

    • I don’t mind driving a mini bus if needed but by car I’m jinxed. 1st time I got a parking fine in Reading, 2nd time my brakes went, 3rd time my windscreen cracked so that’s it. I’ll be paranoid if I do it again. An A34 speeding fine could fall through the letter box too if I’m really as lucky as I think I am. Thanks Steve and all for another entertaining season that’s for sure. The “Carry on” films have fuck all on us.

  27. gary g,they want extras for emmerdale to film scenes off tour de france in need to look fit and athletic and have a bike plus lycra,would also suit mr mcgoo if he can find his way their.

  28. Many thanks to Squirrel for my Magoo T shirt. Brilliant. Great last away day but unfortunately missed most of the game…next committee meeting I must raise a point about the TVWs excessive drinking.

    • Good point and we will take it on board – we do need an AGM. Griff please note.

      Item 1 – Magoo has lost his marbles has anyone found them.

        • hopefully next season we will not want to miss any off the game and will leave the pub early, unlike this season when football got in the way off a good pi— up.

  29. Train for Saturday, Reading to Didcot, 09.57 – 10.12.

    I’ll be the one looking like a Gelderd Boot Boy.

    We’re only here to send you down!!

  30. Cracking day out at Barnsley and good numbers from TVWs.

    Pleased to see so many members of the Boys Pen led by the hairy cornflake Joel. Keep it up lads and hope to see you all again soon.

    All those going to Birmingham, don’t forget it’s fancy dress time – skinheads or Casuals.

    See you all at your next game.

    Adey, Chairman.

  31. We have 2 corporate tickets for the Nicky Chapman suite, these tickets cost a whooping £220.00 each.

    The tickets are for the Nottingham Forest game this Bank Holiday Monday.

    I will take the highest bidder for both tickets, you are bidding for the pair.

    Bids are to be placed on the message board, the opening bid will £30

    If you cannot access the message board then email me and I will place the bid for you.

    I will close the auction at 6pm Sunday evening

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