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  1. not many managers keep their job after losing 8 out off nine what ever the circumstances,so may be time for change,probably be festa but for how long?

  2. What do we all think of Brian McDermott now, should he just walk away and who will we get next in the hot seat.

  3. Latest bookings for Blackpool, Barnsley and Forest now published on the Latest coach list tab. Will update regular as bookings are taken.

  4. Anyone in Leeds this Friday who fancies a beer or three give me a ring on 07775 697342. H…… I will ring you on Friday before first pub stop. What time are you in Leeds?

  5. After two weeks of calm whilst Steve was away,it was good to see normal service resumed for t’millwall trip ;)
    t’thames valley rollacoaster ride
    “you can scream but you can’t get off”
    Roll on Bournemouth ;)

    • I hear it takes you completely off the beaten track!!

      Just like a condom, you should never home without a Macca or a Rolf!!

      Thanks to you both big time for your work and help. Well down also to Griff for his coolness in adversity which saved us from a potentially serious accident.

      The Chairman.

  6. For those of you travelling to Burnley on the train next Saturday here are the travel details that Frank, Barney, Dave Smith and myself have booked:

    Reading 07.10
    Leamington 08.12
    Birmingham NS 08.48 09.15
    Preston 10.51 13.22
    Burnley Central 14.15

    Burnley Central 18.03
    Preston 19.00 19.17
    Wolverhampton 20.32 20.41
    Leamington 21.37
    Reading 22.44

    See you all Saturday.



    • Because our players are useless uncommitted cunts who couldn’t defend against a team of six year olds (with apologies to all 6 year olds).

  8. Never got that invite to Harrogate, sounds like you all had a good time up there, better than my travel lodge on the A1.

    Anyone got a spare Bournemouth ticket……..please

    • I have an open invitation policy on my place in Harrogate . just let me know if anyone wants a room for any games up here . Take it as you find it and don’t knick my bed . LIKE PERRY . CHEEKY F**k is all I ask .
      Burnley is just down the road 37miles. Drinking in Skipton if anyone is about .

  9. Yes a nice pint or 5 in the Welly.
    Who was the most pissed when we got home..the one that fell asleep in the chair ? Anyway we thought we were following you into the taxi office although i was wondering why they would have a bouncer on the door.
    Remember we got to Boro with only a few minutes to spare and you still managed to sniff out a pub. Just as well i dragged you away. Get all those pictures out man cos you slipping into bad old ways. See you in the pub on Saturday…i’ll get you a water,

  10. great weekend up north even though game poor,thanks perry for driving,gary for sofa.simon for catering (pies,cookies etc) and h for keeping us in order particuly in g club.sorry about hick up at chievley I bet you think im a prick but not lived their long, still do not no my way around… you are right iam a prick..see everyone at QPR..

    • So I take I you (Simon) did not move an inch? Lol
      See you at QPR. I’m driving to Sat so won’t be on the fire water

  11. Yeovil pitch has been covered since yesterday, high winds blew it off and volunteers are replacing it this afternoon. Looks good for the game going ahead.

    • Hope you all have a good day Adey. Alas wasn’t around when tickets went on sale so won’t be able to join you….. P

    • what the fck what the fck what the fck is going on , ?
      They say Brian wasn’t sacked ? think he was sacked by someone who realy didn’t have the power to sack him, so quickly reinstated to solve a big legal suit . to be sacked later by the legal owner ? who the fck knows .? its just another one of the many shit things we leeds fans will have to put up with.

  12. Talking about Gastric Bands . The band to watch tomorrow is the Kaiser Chiefs ” I PREDICT A RIOT ”

    Its all gone TITS UP again in the Leeds camp . What now ? I may catch a train into town tomorrow to get the feel of the Fans in town . Its a bit of a hot potato in most pubs this evening even in the quiet suburbs of the Yorkshire Dales . .
    Off into the big smoke of Harrogate now . See you all tomorrow . ????????????

    • 3 pm kick off . shit does that mean ive got to be up early before 12pm again . Fuck I hate getting up early for games .

  13. Whats that saying . “Told you so ”
    So who stuck the nifty fifty on mcdermott going ?
    One day you fuckers will believe me !

  14. that diet worked with me too gary.
    kings club that’s where you get all your new girlfriends,do you club them and drag them out by their hair ?

  15. Reading travellers tomorrow…..only train to Didcot to get there by 9.00 am is 8.25 stopping train from Reading Main station…….

  16. GG,
    I’m in Zambia – this is Griff’s retribution for telling you all he went shopping in the sales rather than watching Leeds….and he changed my original response – dirty tactics.

    Loved the deterrents. See you at Yeovil and Brighton.


    • You lucky sod . Id love to go back to Africa again . Watch out for gardeners with steel bars .
      Dots bungalow is still on market in Bulawayo if you want a cheap holiday home . Blood stains have been removed and the Rav 4 is still in the garage . . Make an offer .
      See you at the nxt game if we still have a club to watch .

  17. Thanks for all your kind words of support

    Enjoy Huddersfield and see you all at Yeovil and Brighton.

    You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    MOTG – Chairman.

    • Adey . Please tell me this is a wind up ? That’s a very drastic way to loose weight
      As you will have noticed I have lost 3 stone in 3 mths just doing a very good diet .
      its amazing how easy it is and you don’t have to do too much .
      Its called the Griffin Diet . All you do is put a photo of Griff on the fridge door and
      as a fail safe you put photo of H inside the fridge and definitely one of Barney on the pantry door .
      I tell you its the easiest diet going, and as all will have seen it works .lost 3 stone in 3 mths . so stick your gastric band . who ever they are . I prefer Pink Floyd

  18. When the surgeon made the first cut for Adeys band did he take off and fly round the room like a burst balloon ?

  19. On the advice of Mr Curd I now have some where to park my motor bike Mr griff hope u enjoyed the sales . As for the football one mistake and a goal but much better!!!!!!!

  20. Let’s hope Griff enjoyed his shopping trip to the sales before they finish today rather than come to football. Yes your arse does look big in everything!!!

    Thanks to Macca for driving. Bet we go to Yeovil by train because Steve needs to update his ski wardrobe with the latest trends for the slopes and apr├Ęs ski.

  21. I just hope you are all having a better Monday morning than I am and I don’t work with any Wednesday fans and didn’t go to the match.

  22. Anyone coming up for the big game tomorrow night against Harrogate Town . If Leeds play like we did at Rochdale
    it could be a good win for Harrogate . . See you there . Should be a big crowd . A few thousand at least .

    • well its 3am and most of you would have read the post match reports by now so wont go into details , but must say Harrogate town football club is a superb place to enjoy watching Leeds get stuffed 3-1 ,
      I would say that the Blues Bar is better but the Kings Club Gentlesmans bar has its merits tooooo.
      Gooood night and god blesss the pretty girls of Harrogate
      The B &B price has doubled in respect of the middlesborugh game which is now at a premium time of 12pm kick off . Talk soon if I ever wake up . goooooood night .

  23. All,
    I will be workiing in Oxford come the New Year and i am looking for cost effective, Mon-Fri room to rent i have a few leads through various websites, however if any of you know of any potential rooms or advise on where and where not to look all information woiuld be welcome.

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